Westside Baptist Church
Friday, July 21, 2017
Connecting People to Jesus, One Person at a Time

Mature & Senior Adults

The abundant life in Christ expressed in John 10:10 defines how many Westside Baptist mature and senior adults are living their lives. The Mature Adults (60 - 69) and Senior Adults (70 and older) Ministries, are open to all those who seeks to honor God by providing opportunities to grow spiritually, fellowship with one another, and reach lost and the unchurched in the community.
Through Bible studies, outreach opportunities and involvement in various ministries, this growing ministry encourages mature and senior adults not to "retire" in their service to Christ. Come be a part of this vibrant and active ministry.

A note from our Senior Adult Pastor:
Sybil and I have the special privilege to serve the
60+ adults. This ministry of our church is blessed to have gifted and committed leadership to serve with us. Our goal is to encourage and challenge our adults to grow in the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to reach others for the Kingdom. The way we try to accomplish those goals is primarily through the Connection Group ministry and through the other activities of the ministry. These goals are accomplished through evangelism, discipleship, worship, ministry and fellowship. Come join with us to experience an exciting opportunity to service our Savior.
In Christ's Love,
Ray and Sybil Mayfield

B.A.L.L. Club (Being Active and Living Longer):
Our Mature and Senior adults are the life of any party! They are always active, always serving...serving seems to be one of their hallmarks. If you need prayer, they are the ones to call. Our church is truly a better place because of our senior adults.
If it were not for these semi-retured and retired yet active nurses, truck drivers, tradesmen, businesswomen, farmers, and others, we would not enjoy the rich history that affords us great stability and wisdom. The experiences of these lifetimes keep us grounded as well as soaring.
When they get together it's always a fun time. We are always improving our outings and ministry in this area, so come and join them, if you can keep up! B.A.L.L. Club meets the second Tuesday of every month at 10:30 a.m. in The Bridge building.