It's A New Day

07.28.19 | by Keith Russell


    IT’S A NEW DAY! It won’t be long until the renovation to the Worship Center is complete. I don’t know about you, but I am ready! It has been fine worshipping in the Family Life Center with overflow in the Teachey Chapel, but I am ready to get back into “the big room.” When we do, it will be a new day!

    IT WILL BE A NEW DAY IN THE WORSHIP CENTER. The entire Worship Center was gutted; the pews were removed, the choir chairs were removed, and the carpet was removed. The walls have been painted, the balcony pews have been re-stained and reupholstered, stone has been added to the platform and baptistery areas, new flooring has been laid, and new seating has been installed on the bottom floor. From the back row of the choir loft to the back row of the balcony, everything is new. There will be new cameras and new projectors. The restrooms in the vestibule were gutted; the toilets were removed, the partitions were removed, the sinks and counter tops were removed, and the flooring was removed. Some doors have been painted and others have been re-stained. The old “popcorn ceiling” in the vestibule has been removed and new flooring has been installed. I’m just telling you, it’s a new day!

    IT WILL BE A NEW DAY FOR WESTSIDE. Renovating a building is fine, but reviving God’s people and reaching lost people is even better! It should be a new day in our Connection Groups with a renewed commitment to reach, teach, and minister. It should be a new day in our Worship Services with a renewed desire to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. It should be a new day for every ministry of our church, from Preschool to Senior Adults, with a desire to reclaim those who have drifted away and reach those who are without a relationship with Jesus Christ. Call it revival, call it renewal, call it whatever you like, but I am calling it a new day. I am calling upon you (yes, you!) to make a new commitment to the Lord and His church. If it is really going to be a new day at Westside, it will take all of us giving Him our very best.

    IT’S A NEW DAY! Think about it. Pray about it. Dream about it. Work for it.