Westside Baptist Church
Friday, July 21, 2017
Connecting People to Jesus, One Person at a Time

2016 Missions Trips

Student Choir Spring Break Mission to Jacksonville
March 21 – 25
Contact Eva Douglas
(904-781-0618 x36 or eva@wbcjax.com)
Miami, Family VBS Missions Trip
June 26 – July 2
Contact Todd Villemont
(904-781-0618 x18 or toddv@wbcjax.com)
8th & 9th Grade Mission Trip to West Palm Beach
Date to be Determined
Contact Todd Hickox
(904-781-0618 x20 or todd@wbcjax.com)
July 18 – 30
Contact Bob Barton
(904-781-0618 x22 or bob@wbcjax.com)

Judgment House, WBC
October 24 – 28
Contact Todd Hickox
(904-781-0618 x20 or todd@wbcjax.com)
November 7-15
Contact Bob Barton
(904-781-0618 x22 or bob@wbcjax.com)
Haiti Student Missions Trip
December 26-31
Contact Todd Hickox
(904-781-0618 x20 or todd@wbcjax.com)
For general or specific questions about Westside's missions initiatives please feel free to contact our Missions Pastor, Bob Barton (904-781-0618 x22 or bob@wbcjax.com).