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Friday, July 21, 2017
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A Bible is one of the most valuable gifts you can give your child 

The value of the Bible you choose is not dependent upon whether or not it is expensive. The Bible's value lies in the fact that it is God's Word. Choose a Bible that will last for several years. As your child grows they may need a Bible more suitable for their age. Your child may benefit from having two different Bibles before entering the teen years — one as a preschooler and one to use while in the first through sixth grades.

Guidelines for selecting a child's Bible:


Size The Bible should be large enough for the child to hold easily, but not too large or heavy to carry. Consider a tote for younger children to help to carry their Bible.

Complete Preschoolers and school-age children alike need to know that both Testaments are included in the bible and are equally important. Choose a complete Bible ranter than "Bible books" that are storybooks.
User Friendly — The Bible should be easy to use. Consider purchasing a Bible that contains a Table of Contents to assist school-age children in locating hard-to-find books and verses in the Bible.
Realistic Illustrations — Because the Bible are the people and stories found in the Bible are true, pictures in the Bible should be as realistic as possible.
Translation — At Westside Baptist we use the English Standard version and the King James version. Make sure you pick out a translation your child can understand, but stay away from paraphrases.
Study helps School age children may wish to know more about the customs or lifestyles of the people in the Bible. Many Bibles include great maps and other study helps.
Durability Make sure the cover is a good quality. Consider purchasing a Bible carrying case that will protect and add length to the life of your child's Bible.
Your child's input — Allow your school-age child to help select the color or cover design of their Bible. Monogramming the outer cover or inscribing the inside cover will give him a feeling of ownership.